Antares Kantos and Celemony Melodyne ... You're history!

Here comes Anna-Maria Hefele .


Aloha H,

Technology aside, human beings can at times be soooo amazing!

Tanx for the link,

When I first clicked the link, I was somewhat startled and this was the first thing that came to mind …

Seriously, though … absolutely amazing and beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Ulf!

And that plant could ‘SANG’!!!

Oh, yeah! :slight_smile:

LSoH was my first exposure to “Musicals” in Junior High School. Shortly followed by Sweeney Todd (still my all-time favorite) and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I had the privilege of playing Joseph in 9th grade. Ahhh … memories!

“Feed me Seymore, feed me”…

Tibetan monks do overtone singing but the ‘songs’ have only one note, plus the overtone of course.

People on this planet are incredible.
(just check the locations of everyone in this thread)

I was watching a ‘Frasier’ tv show where they were talking about ‘Mongolian Throat Singing’, so I
'yahoo’d it and that stuff just blew me away!


That is (was) soooo kool! :sunglasses:

It’s the type of thing that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Builds confidence at an early age and let’s you know that at any time if needed;
you can ‘step up’ and do the job.

No fear. (or at least controlled) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sending much Aloha.

funny thing is, it sounds like it`s gone through melodyne or some one is adjusting a filter,could one of the mods explain why my deep throat comment was removed ,yes it was a double meaning but :laughing: or :laughing:

We just saw the original movie made in 1959? a couple of weeks ago for the 1st time…strange movie :laughing: Saw the remake made in the 80’s? a couple of times over the years

I really couldn’t hear what she was doing very well over my notebook speakers …but I did enjoy looking at her breasts :mrgreen:

yeh she is definitely a fox but she needs an exorcist.

Come on guys, this is not the forum to make anatomic jokes considered offensive by many people we would like to feel welcome on this forum, right?

Having said that, most of the time I could not hear the over tones on my small little computer speakers. The times I did hear them were pretty interesting.

Also, from her face and body language, it looked fairly uncomfortable to generate those dual tones simultaneously.