Antelope Orion32 Multi-Channel AD/DA Converter

Have you guys seen this?

My friend has one. What questions do you have?

I saw a thread about it on Gearslutz. Looks quite nice. I’d certainly consider it if I was in the market for a new ADAC.

Just wondered how good it was for the price. I mean they’re supposed to be pretty high end. So, how were they offering that unit at such a great price point? What did they cut out?

My friend likes it overall. He said it may not be ready for prime time via USB yet (for mac at least). This is what he wrote:

I love it. The only real thing you need to worry about is you lose half the channel count when you go to 88/96 kHz.

The ideal way to run it is not USB but MADI to MADI. It’s a great converter with a great clock. I’m using it as an ADC to RME RayDat to DAC. (16 ch over ADAT) I just got a RME MADI card and will soon be using it MADI TO MADI. That’s where it’s real power lies.

It has a flexible software utility for accessing the routing of the unit, I really love that part too.

The owner of the company says it works great over USB for PC’s but not so great on a Mac; at the moment. I havent tried the USB but I also don’t want to either, I know MADI is solid so I’m going for the sure bet.

For the conversion, channel count and clock I just don’t see a better option for the price.

It’s one rack unit and highly portable. I think the flexibility of it really sets it apart and in some cases just blows it’s competitors away.

I’m very happy with the Orion 32 and sold my apogee Big Ben and Rosetta’s.