Anther Work Space Question

Okay, back in the blissful days of Nuendo 6.5, you had one large “environment” where you could place any window of your project and if something didn’t fit or was temporarily deleted from view, you saw a gray background. Now we’ve got this multiple windows platform, that most of us don’t like but have been forced to get used to. Never mind the sketchiness of the “add workspace” system, my biggest problem with it is the visible desktop showing through.

I was thinking about adding a 3rd display that I would dedicate to just the open channel view and plugins. But having the desktop showing through would be so distracting as to not make it worth it. Is there ANY way to make it so that the desktop doesn’t show through the Nuendo environment?!!? How do I build a dedicated Nuendo workspace that only shows Nuendo related material or a gray background like it did in N6.5?

If there isn’t any way to do this in N7, will this be an option in N8?

Not exactly your request but It can help : right click on the windows desktop and select “hide icons”. Then select the nuendo 7 black wallpaper as your default.
I always do that on windows.
If you want to access your desktop mess, do it through windows explorer.

Thanks, that will absolutely work. You’re right that it’s not optimal. But it will serve the purpose. I’ll get the 3rd display! :mrgreen:

Glad it helps… But beware of screen addiction then.
I’m up to 6.
3 for nuendo mix, arrange or 2nd mix windows + fx and tools

    1. Synth corner
    1. Main video + voice booth screen.
      Perfect for your expanded Artist Mix X2 + Control + Transport + many keyboards setup…

I know, riiigghtt?! I was actually thinking about using 2 20" monitors as meter bridges for the 2 Mix units (LOL)! :mrgreen: