Anthony Hughes font used for title and title page

Hi friends! Does anyone know the name of the font Anthony Hughes uses for his titles and title cover? It’s beautiful!

Can you post a sample image? I haven’t found two with the same type so far.…

Okay. The font that I saw Anthony Hughes use can be found in the Dorico Title Page video. At 2:05 it shows him selecting “Bonning Narrow” as the font for the title. So, my next question: Where can I safely download fonts? I’ve never done this before and I don’t want to inadvertently download malware. If you haven’t seen the font, take a look at the video; it’s lovely! Thanks!

One option:


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Off-topic curiosity

I Googled John Barron last night and found an English actor (1920–2004). So I looked on IMDb and saw various titles and covers. If I had to guess, it was going to be the font on the title of a 2-DVD set of “All Gas and Gaiters”. It turns out this has some similarities to Bonning. I knew nothing of the actor or the series before, and I hadn’t seen that Dorico video.

But I now think the font similarity is a random coincidence! because the video is presented, as usual, by Anthony Hughes. So what has John Barron got to do with it?

Oh my goodness. I meant to say Anthony Hughes! So sorry for any confusion! My post has now been corrected.

Thanks so much!

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John Barron is a pseudonym used by Donald Trump - a pretend spokesperson for the Trump organisation.

I think it’s unfortunate that Anthony Hughes and John Barron are both being discussed in this topic in a way where either one of them could possibly be embarrassed.