anti-accent marks

Are ghost notes only available to unpitched percussion parts? If so, is there a workaround? I’ve done a bit of digging but I’m flummoxed. Also, I’m not really interested in playback, just getting it on the page (if that makes things easier).

In any case, I’d love to see a set of anti-accent marks available to all instrument types.

They’re not available yet, I think. You can input parenthesis using shift-x tool, place them where you want in Engrave mode, it’s the workaround that works since Dorico 1.0
Of course it won’t change anything in the playback.


At the moment ghost notes are ONLY available on unpitched percussion. Notes on those instruments have a ‘Ghost note’ property.

Are there plans to implement for other instrument (all instruments) too? I for one miss that option quite regularly.

Since parenthesized notes are quite common (for harmonics or editorial job or… many other things) you can bet it will be beautifully implemented when the team has the time to deal with it :wink: