Antivirus software

Hi everyone

I’ve just installed Cubase 7 on a new pc and I would like to install Kaspersky antivirus software. My pc has 3 1TB drives and I’m not sure whether the antivirus software should be installed on the system drive with Cubase or if it should be installed on the 2nd drive to keep it separate.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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all programs should be installed on the system drive as programs register in the windows directory , if you install your programs on a second drive it could cause potential problems .
Tip :
When using as a DAW disable your internet and Antivirus software , every thing runs much smoother :wink:

Hi thanks for your replies on this. I’ll give this try and see how I get on.

Thanks again.


thank you for your reply on the antivirus and for the advice on imaging software. I will bear this in mind.

thanks again


Thank you for your reply on this. I’ll gve this a try and see how i get on.

many thanks for this


Microsoft security essentials is a very light resource program that is free and runs in the background on my DAW and has never caused any issues. My computer has been connected to the net 24/7 for 4 years.


While I have heard …no Internet connected DAW … for years, I personally have never been able to do it. This may be the way it is done in professional studios. I have one computer I use. It is continuously updated with high performance peripherals and a complete storage unit for everything I do on a computer. Because my “music” is a hobby ( although an extensive one) I would not want to use a lesser machine to do the other things the system can do…it’s fast and that’s really something you don’t appreciate until compelled to use the computers at work that are updated every 4 years to the next minimum system.

Sitting down at my computer to write letters, Internet stuff, bookkeeping and then recording all at high speeds and processes, is really good. Beats sitting waiting for things to load, I’d imagine many might consider this as standard operating procedure in their use.

As for antivirus, I use avg…I like the fact I can scan things and set the priority for dedication of power resources and getting the scan done more quickly

As I say, I am not a pro studio but love making recordings

I have this set on my system drive which was truly undersized initially, a 64gb SSD. Changed it over to a bigger SSD a few months ago…not fun but well worth it. Not easy keeping stuff off and using it as an OS drive only