Any Addictive Drums Gurus?

Helpful bunch over there at xln, eh, Nate? :laughing:
Get Superior, man. You won’t have any of these problems. :sunglasses:

Hiya, Lenny. They do seem to answer all posts in a timely manner, was just hoping for a quick answer. :mrgreen:

I had a similar problem with BFD2 when I first started using it. It took some playing around in the options to get it to synchronize, and it still won’t when I use a Master Track with off tempo stuff and time signatures.

I would look around in the midi options to see if there are any settings you can play with. Plus, there might be a workaround by setting your Cubase project (in project setup) to something like -2 bars. Just some loose ideas but maybe that will help you get a little closer.

Thanks for that , John. Problem is, AD is strictly VSTi with no stand alone option so there’s really nothing to adjust. The bar offset, although a possibility, still isn’t a cure. If I move the locators to a different part of the song it works as expected. But, if I then move them from that spot say a bar forward or back, AD goes back to the wrong start point thing. There’s something AD marks as a start point when you enable sync. I’m trying to figure what that is and how to reset/ erase it. :sunglasses:

Hi Nate

Seems in Cubase AD takes it’s position from bar 1 of the project and not from the locators. Not sure if this is down to cubase or an AD.


Hi Dave,

That would be a shame if that is indeed the case. I’ll start a new project later and check it out. I don’t see how that’s the case if it works later in the song at any spot. One thing I did remember is that I started playback a bar earlier than I had the locators set by mistake. Since then, that spot has shown this issue. Not doubting you, just trying to get 2+2 to =4.

Thanks again for the input, gives me something to investigate. :sunglasses:

Hmm strange it works later in the song. I only tested in one project on my laptop. I tried messing with the tempo track on and off but that had no effect. Regardless of where I set the locators AD always lines the internal midi files up in relation to bar one in the project I used. I tried AD in the instrument rack and in an instrument track.

Hope you find a solution.

If I do, I’ll be sure to pass it on. :sunglasses: