ANY admin? need help with cubase activation

Hello I buy cubase pro 8 from bestservice because they offer download

They sent me code the code is 28 digits long, when I try to activate via my steinberg and elicencer I get error.
I sent them email they reply they will contact sales as maybe stein burg sent to them wrong activation code.
I read as see that stein berg email support is very slow and takes 2 weeks before they will reply.

SO is any mod or admin how has system level can help me out would like to use Cubase ASAP

I think the response time depends on your location. I usually get a response in 2 to 3 working days. However I did have them respond to & fix an issue a day or two before Christmas and their email noted that they would be closed for the holidays until Jan. 4. So I wouldn’t expect a response from Steinberg until after that.

You should probably take up the issue with bestservice since they are obliged to give you a working code for what they sell.

Good luck.

Make sure you have the latest eLicenser Control Center installed, then try activating the code again.