Any advantage to 64bit C6 on a MacBook??

Since my MacBook (see sig) is maxed out with 4 gig of ram,
is there any advantage using C6 in 64bit mode on it?


Well, maybe. It depends what you’re doing. In 32 bit mode a single process can only address about 3 gigs of ram. However, if you’re using that much memory, you’re probably running VST instruments pretty heavily - so to get your extra 400 or 600 megs or so of memory back (-system overhead stuff), you can always use rewire with one or two of those VSTs and use as much memory as you can.

As for 64 bit - it depends on your audio driver - is there one for your interface?


Aloha Dave, and thanks for your help.

I’m using a Griffin iMic as an interface because
I mainly use the MacBook for playback of VSTI’s live on stage. (SampleTank/NI/VST Collection)

The sound is only slightly better than the ‘Built-in Audio’
interface but the unit is very small and light weight.

CPU juice meter rarely reaches 50%.

So if I install C6, on the MB, I guess I might as well run it in the 32bit environment.
Same as now.

Thanks again Dave.