Any Android based remotes for Cubase yet?

See it work well on the iPad/iPhone, just wondering if anyone knows of something that will work in the Android world…

you can try touch DAW,works a treat with cubase here in my studio on my android pad as a remote when recording alone.


TouchDAW here too on a phone. I drilled through the wall so I can record from the next room where it’s quieter.

@ Norbury and Ruddy - thanks Guys, I’m gonna check into it… :sunglasses:

Steve, good question…

I like that idea, my studio isnt big enough to take advantage of that just yet, but ill keep it in mind :slight_smile:

The FogalRemote - cool! :laughing:

Only issue would be if you want to be in another room for isoloation purposes and you are working alone. Your solution is not going to cut it there. (unless you have a window in-between and binoculars!) :mrgreen:

Just got TouchDAW aftter reading this and am hoping to finish setting it up tonight.

Previously, when I needed something like this, I’d allow remote desktop on my DAW (Windows), then use a laptop to remote into my DAW. Neat cuz you get the whole host UI that way.

Now-a-days I simply have a monitor/mouse/keyboard directly in my recording room connected to a computer in a closet a few feet away…isolated for sound reasons.

I’m going to try using TouchDAW for some automation stuff, see how it goes. Sounds fun anyway, if it works smoothly.

At the very least, a neat trick to break out at a recording session, and so worth the $5.

That’s a good idea too, I could actually do that… Hmmmm! :sunglasses: