Any benefit to Lion vs Snow Leopard?

What say you folks?


I’m still on Snow and whenever I even consider moving to Lion, a quick search on Google convinces me not to bother as I read about reported problems from musicians after having upgraded to Lion. A clean install seems the way to go, and that takes a bit of doing.

Since everything is working for me on Snow, there’s no convincing argument for me to upgrade. None of the “new” Lion features make it a must-have for me.

Right on with that “Breeze”. Anytime I’ve made changes it did nothing but create problems. If it works stick with it.

The benefit is with SL. Lion is dumbed down, less efficient, more open to gov spying, no ppc support, the list can go on and on.

I purchased Lion and used it (downloaded/burnt it on DVD for a clean install) for about 3-4 months and I noticed my battery was draining in half the time! The CPU was bogged down considerably and would get HOT too. I went back to SL and holy moly, my macbook4,1 was snappy again! I mean surprisingly snappy. I had forgotten how smooth/fast/small SL was (got a bunch of GBs back too). I was blinded by the whole “gotta upgrade and stay current” BULLSPIT they sell us. Ive decided to stick with the clear winner. I dont need all that iPhone/iPad CRAP they are FORCING us to have. Lion is for consumers, who consume. I however, create.

I know my MacBook is rather outdated now, but Lion is a bunch of eye candy with only a FEW, REAL improvements.

Mountain Lion is even worse, it seems. Apple is dying, in my eyes.

Aloha guys,

1-I could find no advantage,enhancement,benefit etc for Mac DAW users (Cubase included)

2-There have been no improvments to Core Audio or Core MIDI implemented by Apple in Lion.

3-Some of the new UI elements are nice.
But nothing in Lion helps me make better music than SL.

For me the trackpad is way kool.
With all the new gestures It’s like playing an instrument.
Once you get it down, it can be very productive.

I’ll never go back to a mouse or trackball again.


Lion and all future “improvements” to Mac and Windows OS will be for the benefit of itunes, spytunes, facebook, schmacebook, Mr Warner and his bros and all the other multi national corporate bodies who want to force their wares onto the screens to an increasingly younger audience with a lower and lower attention span.

Hi there,

for all of you thinking about moving to Lion, please check this article before you do that:


No improvements from a music production point of view what so ever. The downsides of Lion vastly outnumbers the upsides in my opinion. As already stated Lion caters more for iPad/iPhone converts than for OS X users. No improvements what so ever in the audio or midi areas.

Here is my list of major Lion Plusses (+) and Minuses (-) from a DAW workhorse point of view

  • New trackpad gestures
  • No PPC support so some plug-ins will no longer work. This also applies to older versions of Cubase and Halion
  • Uses more CPU/Runs hot
  • Higher on memory usage
  • Drains battery on my MacBook Pro so I have roughly 50% of what I used to have
  • /Library is now protected so some of my older plug-ins (Stylus RMX and T-Racks3) didn’t work

I can only hope that Mointain Lion is to Lion what Snow Leopard was to Leopard.

It isn’t protected, just hidden. Hold down the opt key when selecting the Finder Go menu to see it. Stylus RMX works fine on Lion here.

Aloha Wivel,
While your post is ‘right on’,
these three point have not been true I my case

1-My (four year old so I would really notice) Macbook (see sig) runs at the same temp
on stage as it always has. Same with my iMac at the studio.
(Ironically the MB’s AC brick seems to run hotter,but not always. —go figure).

2-Ram memory usage seems to be the same as with Snow Leopard.
Tho’ I do have the ram maxed out at 4gig.

And as far as CPU juice usage goes:
My heaviest songs (example, 41 tracks for ‘SaberDance’)
still do not ever exceed 50% on the performance meter.
(Only vsti’s used. No audio tracks)

If fact now that everything is 64bit.
(the 'puter, the OS, the software ) and now that Steiny has up-dated HASE
to be more ‘core aware’, the Macbook has never run smoother (touch wood)
and more consistent; which is critical in live situations.

3- Battery drainage seems also to be about the same but
in all fairness because of the ‘live’ thang, I mainly use the laptop plugged in to AC.
I rarely run it on battery only.

We can hope that MountainLion will clear up the issues
with which some folks are dealing.