Any brave early OS X 10.10 adopters out there?

… wanna use cloud drive… but obviously don’t dare upgrading with both the MR816 drivers and cubase 7.5 being an unknown under OS X 10.10…
Any early experiences?

Aloha k,

Like you I am on hold for this one so I will wait till the Steiny team says ‘all is well’.

That being said; Steiny did put out a message about installation
of Steiny products and OS 10.10.

Also I do not see any advantages to DAW users with this update.
Some of the features are very nice indeed but for me, nada.
I have read/seen/heard of no ‘Core Audio’ or ‘Core MIDI’ improvements at all.

In the mean time I am on hold. Good Luck!

ok - so after finishing an important deadline i jumped into the cold waters of new operating systems… and was surprised to find that - so far - everything seems to work peachy :wink:… meaning cubase 7.5.3 and my MR816CSX…

Working fine here MR816X. MR Console is fine too as well as Cubase so far

According to this Yamaha page, the driver has been approved for 10.10 (Yosemite):

This all sounds good to me, I’ve been cutting back on my setup…
Still looking too keep my MR816csx as long as possible.

It’s the best interface I’ve ever had, definitely integrates with my Cubase setup perfectly!

I have updated my macbook pro to 10.10 (10.10.1 as of today) and I noticed something strange yesterday, not sure if it was this way before the upgraded OS. My headphone outputs are both mono. When I listen through monitors connected to the back side of the MR816X, everything is stereo as it should be. I’ve tried everything except rolling back my OS…

Both of my headphone jacks are stereo here on 10.10.1 with MR816X here. Check your VST Connections settings for your busses and the main output. The headphones should reflect the main output settings. Check your Control Room Settings if you are using that as well

The MR816 is now officially compatible with the already existing TOOLS for MR version. See for details.