Any CC121 users here?

Would you recommend it for Cubase 7?

Anything to look out for?



Hi Steve, I use one with 7.5 and I love it.
Small downside is it can be a little jerky sweeping the EQ.
Good for quick control use.

Thanks for reply. I’ve reads that the AI controller only works with VST 3 plug-ins. Is this the case, or has there been an updated along the way to make it work with all plug-ins?


Unfortunately it does not work with all plugins only VST 3.

What works for me is to have quick control presets saved for my most used plugins (new feature Cubase 7.5) and use the eq controls as quick control controllers.

Hi there, to get better/ more. Support goto the hardware section of this forum, there is a special cc121 forumsection, you probably reach more cc121 users this way, :slight_smile:

Oh yeah ai controller is supported when a plugin support mousewheel functionality, it even supports vst 2.x on basis of mousewheel support.

My favorite things about the CC121 are the transport controls (I use it as a remote controller for Cubase when tracking vocals) and the assignable function buttons. Two of the default mappings are good (zoom in/out), but I always map the other two to Silence and Fade Out for editing audio parts.

LOTS of people complain about how the EQ knobs aren’t arranged in the same logical order as in the Cubase channel EQ. I always grab the wrong knob and have to mentally switch gears in order to use them. But when you use them a lot, you get used to it.

The AI knob I simply use as a jog wheel.

Also really glad that it’s fully supported in WaveLab 7 and 8.

Could you kindly explain how to save vst quick control presets?

CC121 is great, much better than the cmc controllers, imho (build quality, usability, price).

AI knob would be huge, but there are a lot of controls - even in Cubase - that can’t be controlled with it. Notably, Waves plugins don’t work even though they are vst3 and have mouse wheel support.

From the New Features PDF that came with 7.5.

1.In the Inspector for your track, open the Quick Controls section.
For instrument tracks, the Track Quick Controls are set to the 8 default VST Quick Controls of the loaded instrument by default.
2.Click Preset Management in the top right corner of the Inspector section and select one of the presets.
The Track Quick Control assignment changes and gives you access to the channel parameters.
You can also make your own assignments and save them as presets and delete, rename, or reset the presets to the default assignments.

I totally agree with all of this. It’s a real shame that the A1 knob doesn’t work on all 3rd party plug-ins. It a real asset when it does work.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: I decided to buy one!

AI Knob functionality for more VST3 plugins. please