Any chance for UR update as UR-C todays update?

Hi yamaha/steinberg
Any chance to see today’s UR-C update in UR series ?
especially the Dsp plugin Gui and the Old Mixer GUI.
they are very small and hard to control
the other loopback features would be nice too


Yeah, that would be nice, I wonder if it´s possible.
BTW, this is mostly a user forum, so don´t expect an official reply (though it happens now and then).

if they decide to do it I bet its possible ! its a product that is still on production or at least on their site for sale.
so a nice update to its old GUI which is not the best experience for the user (not talking even on 4K just regular screens) is welcome.
i don’t expect it immediately cuz the UR-C is in front of their low/mid priced hardware sales, but maybe later !?
for new buyers and old users of UR Series

Steinberg let us know, when the update come for ur-series.

thanks a lot

How can Ur: users update?

( from Steinberg news , Steinberg site):
“On a side note: Users of UR and UR-RT interfaces can also enjoy the updated 1.5 version of the native Basic FX Suite.”

Ok cool,ill check it out when in the studio,but is the dsp plugins GUI are also updated? Thats more intresting than the native plugins to me

It was too simple, the download is on the harware download page:)
Looking forward to testing this!
But, it is only the basic FX Suite i think, not the new dspmixfx mixer.

Hi everyone!I got the same old GUI with the update. The new presets are installed. What am I doing wrong? Still 1.1.0. On Windows 10 applications it shows up as 1.5

So, I installed the BaicFX 1.5 and this is what I got:)
Apart form the Sweetspot Morphing Channel there seems to be just cosmetic differences, but I run a gaming laptop som I don´t run HiDPI so I can´t comment on that. Hopefulluy someone with better resolution than mine will chip in.
Anyway, the old SSMC is still there, but compared to the new one it is ugly. And when opening the new one I got asked if I wanted do convert the templates from the old to new, so sthsats how I judge something has changed other than the graphics.! And look at that RevX, it looks absolutely brilliant

Hi Sylvio
Which interface do you have? I would guess you have 242, 44 or 824 and you are looking at the dspmixfx?

Hi Strummer! Yes, I have the old UR44. The VST 3 plugins are fine, with the new GUI, but the DSP s are appearing with the old one.

Hey Sylvio
Yes the DSP has not changed, but @mozizo was hoping (and I bet we all do) we will get the UR-C dspmixfx update to the UR series too. Hopefully it is possible and deemed important by Steinberg.

I guess old UR can’t works with Vst3, this is the reason why