any chance of a 32 sample option?


Just got the UR22mk2 and it’s great but I’m not able to get the latency as low as I like to play vsti with.

Even changing to 96khz doesn’t half it,- any chance of letting us folks who wanna try have the option of 32 samples? or just let us select 64 at 96khz?

It’d be lovely - thanks :slight_smile:

ok have found a work around - use linux. there I can get 2.9ms latency and it all works like a charm, doesn’t feel like i’m playing with lag at all…

so, it can do it,- looking forward to a windows driver that can keep up with linux pleeeease!

What was the original unacceptable latency? Your current latency is how long it takes a 1hz sound to travel a metre - you haven’t had your dna mashed with a housefly have you? :laughing:

haha no the latency is definitely higher than reported in windows :wink: