Any chance of a new Windows driver?

What are the chances of a new Windows driver appearing for the UR series?
I have a UR22. The 2.1.1 driver has known issues and as a result there’s even an official suggestion to downgrade to 2.0.4, but that driver is over 2 years old.
Anything happening?


I don’t think any time soon. Steinberg have little control over driver releases for the UR Series, as the drivers are made by YAMAHA in Japan and I’ve read that they do things at their own pace. The majority of users of the UR Series, are not experiencing what some of us are, so it seems there is no urgency for a new driver for the UR Series.

I have installed Driver Version 2.0.3, and it seems to be working fine for now. I personally don’t care for how old the driver is, as long as it works correctly.

Good luck.

Just seen on the Yamaha website that they have a Driver version 2.1.3.

Ooh - Well spotted!
Anyone tried this yet?
I wonder why this release hasn’t been properly announced here?

I’d like to know this too. At the mo, I’m stable with 2.0.3 and not willing to take the plunge, lol.

Well I’ll take one for the team then…

I uninstalled the previous driver then followed the usual setup. Now running V2.1.3 confirmed in the control panel.

I’m on Windows 11 using Cubase 7.5 and Cubase Pro 12. Tested it in both and working fine so far.
No clicks, buzzes or drop-outs and my video player hasn’t lost audio on pause as happened for me with the previous driver (as noted by others in a separate thread).

Am keeping all my old Yamaha driver installation files just in case it goes tits up at some point.

I’ll report back if anything breaks…

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I would have done this if I hadn’t been unable to use my UR824 for the past 18 months, performing all kinds of PC Acrobatics to get it working and almost giving up.

Thank you for letting us know all is good from your end, definitely encouraging as I plan to do a clean install of the system soon.

I agree, keeping backups is a must.


Sorry I should have mentioned that I’m using the Steinberg “Yamaha” UR22 Mark 1. What a twit.

Working fine on my hardware but “your experience may vary” depending on the soundcard :slight_smile:

Got that.

I’ll still try it on the clean installation, but create a system disk image first.

Windows 10, CB12.

I have a UR22 (Mk.I) too.
Good to hear this new driver seems to be working ok.
I’ll probably give it a go shortly.
I still wonder why it hasn’t been announced here!?

Yes it’s a bit odd…

I’ve been using it for 24 hours now on a complex track and so far it’s been running smoothly on my “ancient” UR22 Mk1 :slight_smile: