Any chance of a variable in PLE?

I think this would be a neat feature.


I have my colors. I have named them: Drums, Vox, Strings, Group 1, Group 2 etc.
I have my tracks. I manually name them Drums, Vox, Strings, Group 1, Group 2 etc.

Now if I want to make a PLE to colorize my tracks according to my colors, I have to make as many presets as there are colors. That can quickly get out of hand.

If there was a variable for names, I could tell the PLE: select tracks that contain %x% in the name, and set the color to the fixed value %x%. (an oxymoron to set a variable as a fixed value, but you get the idea)

And with just one command, I would be able to colorize everything in my project according to my color names. Wouldn’t that be something?

Indeed, and I would gladly see this extended to the Input Transformer and macros (with conditional tests for the latters).

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