Any chance of adding Hyperscribe?

Hyperscribe is the one reason I still go back to Finale.
“When you use HyperScribe to transcribe a real-time performance, Finale needs to know where the beats fall in relation to the music you’re playing. One of the easiest ways to provide a tempo reference is to tap in time with your own playing by either playing a note on a MIDI keyboard or using a foot pedal. As long as your taps and your playing are synchronized, with this option, you can speed up or slow down and Finale still transcribes the performance correctly.” (Tap Source dialog box)
This is by far the best, quickest, most accurate way of inputting a lot of music.
Because you provide the tap source, you avoid any latency issues. Also, you can slow the tap down for more complicated passages, and speed up for long, slow passages.
The transcription works basically flawlessly, at least in my experience.
On the other hand, when the tap source is not yourself but a computerized metronome, it is very tricky to play strictly enough to get a decent transcription. You cannot speed up for the easy bits, or slow down for the hard bits. You get a lot of unwanted syncopations. Etc. etc.
So… please may we have a hyperscribe option added to Dorico! Basically, just allow the user to provide the tap source, that’s all I’m asking!


This has been requested before. It’s not something to which we’ve given a huge amount of consideration, to be honest, partly because I know that this is one aspect of Finale for which the original software developers obtained a patent in the US, and we have to be careful when considering development in areas where we know patents exist. But perhaps we’ll be able to revisit this in future.

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Very interesting!

US patents last for 20 years: anything filed in 1988 will be long expired. This looks like it:

It looks like all the Phil Farrand / Coda Music patents have expired.
caveat: I am, sadly, not an IP lawyer.

Dorico’s quantization is pretty good (much better than HyperScribe to a click :astonished:) – and you can re-quantize passages again and again until you get what you want. Plus things like “Extend/Shorten to Next Note” make global fixes very swift.

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