any chance piano roll could have a staff?

piano roll with a staff.JPG

excellent idea

What a great idea!

It is this kind of thing that gets into the heads of Cubase developers and they go and screw up Cubase even more!

Stop messing about…

Yeah, big no to this. If you don’t know how to read standard notation it might seem like makes sense but PRVs and staffs are very different. If anything, a PRV underlay in the staff view to visualize note lengths would make sense, but not this.

I hope you are joking…

This would make identifying notes in Piano View so much faster. Could be an optional view if you dont like it.

Staves do more than identify notes for those who know how to arrange, it has clues for when some instruments start to sound louder and helps with ranges. This would be a great help for people doing mockups or composing for real instruments.

I wish I could take credit for this idea, I stole the pic from another forum.

I don’t really see the point in this, but if such a thing to be implemented - this is not the graphic to do it.

Just a simple divider (like audio track/project divider in the project window) along the piano roll, like a 2px width bar that runs horizontal.

Here’s the hybrid PRV fount in Overture. VERY nice to use. It stays visually synced with the full notation above.

Occasionally I do want to see notes on a piano roll so I know exactly what is happening and still I’d like to see it on a staff too for the musical context.

When that happens I open both the Key & Score Editors. Not fancy but it gets the job done.