Any chance Steinberg introducing an upgrade special offer from Artist to Pro on the end of year

I just upgraded from 9.5 Artist to 10 Artist to discover all the missing features when looking at v10 demos.
Most of these demos are for Pro not clearly mentioning ‘that is only in Pro’.
Before, years ago, I have been buying an UR242 and starting Cubase LE 9, then upgrading to Artist, then upgrading to 9.5 Artist, then some months without the ability to use all this nice editing software.
The upgrade from Artist 10 to Pro 10 is at 250€, it is very high considering what I already paid to Steinberg.
A cheaper commercial offer would be welcome.

Could we expect something like this from Steinberg soon ?

its unknown when that will happen but it will. typically the offers are 50% - 40% off. Typical dates are Valentine, New Year’s (week), and so on. Myself I will wait also for such a sales day

No. C10 was released just 3 weeks ago. There’s no business logic in putting it on sale directly. That will of course be much later in the product cycle, when it’s getting closer to the end of the cycle. This year there was an upgrade sale in August (40% off). This is where your expectations could be. You will very likely need to wait for 8 months (your choice).

And no, I don’t think the upgrade price is high at all. The total cost for upgrading is not more than buying Pro outright.

Regarding the new features, it’s stated very clear on the product page in what version they are included.

Not in videos.

Well I’am thinking now migrating from cubase with a crossgrade offer, leaving expensive Cubase for Logic Pro or Ableton which seem to have a far larger adoption and cooler pricing…