Any Chance to speed up the GUI a little?

I just realized again how sluggy the N5.5 GUI is compared to older versions.

I opened a 10min song with 24 track drums in N5.5 for some advanced triplets editing after I already did 90% of the editing in C5.5. Its hard to say but I calculated roughly via the pool (file refs) - about 500-600 slices/edits so far.

In Cubase I had no problem with scrolling, cutting, zooming.

In N5.5 first I was quite shocked how impossible it was to scroll to the beginning of the song and zoom in… it took about 10 seconds after all. Hitting h-key all the time which resulted in a computer which did not stop zooming in after I stopped. Editing is quite sluggy as well, alt+click cutting & mooving those grouped event-slices… Its like in slow motion or like everything is covered with honey … It is possible but it is - I would say - about 5 times slower than in C5.5. In a mix-situation with mostly bounced events and not-that-much edits it is not that obvious.

Why is N5.5 (and C6) that much slower?

Where are the advantages of the new GUI (regarding events) - they look shitty AND everything is so much slower.

Why is it necessary to change and change and change things? Changing to the bad just to have something “more modern looking”?!

Its is a shame.

Of course I wish and like that a professional application like Nuendo is getting more and better features (some of N5.5 features I was waiting for since years) but why the heck we need GUI changes all the time?? The GUI was quite perfect already in N3. An SM57 should look and sound like an SM57 - no one would buy because it is released in purple, orange, green and with sparkle and with a frequency curve from a D112.

I can only confirm this.

I’m not sure yet whether this applies to all projects or only to the ones that have been created with former versions of Nuendo. But the first projects were now started directly in N5.5. Let’s hope it gets better, if not… hmmm. It’s really amazingly slow, and this is definitely not the machine here.

Yo… SSD drives all over, i7 etc… It is not the system.

Of course a user with 4 tracks and 3 edits will not suffer from this…

Well - not so fast - still might be a system issue. What kind of graphics card you running? SSD and i7 should not be required to have a decent GUI experience…


NVIDIA Quatro 450

And driver?

I am running a Quatro FX380 and haven’t noticed anything negative with the N5.1 GUI (haven’t gone with 5.5 yet)

I am running Quatro driver 186.18 (which after much digging proved to be the best Win7 driver at the time of this install - June 2010).


In C 5.5 I have absolutly no issues. So why should this be a driver issue?

And I am talking about N 5.5… Not 5.1! Big difference!

Hmm…since it’s quite obvious that LOTS of folks have installed 5.5 - yet you are the only one really complaining about the GUI (So far)…is it fair to assume that there “might” be a problem at your place?

But if you are certain that’s not the case - why isn’t there a 400+ entry thread with everyone complaining about a slow GUI? If it’s a rampant issue - you would think everyone would notice a GUI display issue yes?


Are you by any chance using Cytomics “The Glue” plugin? I red somewhere that it might cause problem with GUI redraw in Cubendo.
I notice slow GUI when some 32bit plugins are behind the Project window, i.e not “Always on Top”.

Well, first - thanks for trying to help here - was typing on the iPhone during recording yesterday, so my responses where quite short and not that friendly in sound :slight_smile:

Mh, I would not say that I am the only one, at least two persons agreed with me… For the others… I do not know what everyone is doing in Nuendo. I can imagine a gigantic project which is still fast, I can imagine users who are doing only smaller projects - in my case it slowed down when dealing with heavy edited 24 Track drums with complex music. After I rendered the events to new files everything was fast again. 10 or 20 edits will make no difference, but 500 do. And as I said, the same project in Cubase 5.5 (and I guess in N5.1 - did not tested) is way faster.

Blop, thanks for the plugin-GUI suggestion!

I always have the mixer below the project window. In former versions of Cubende I never had issues. I will check that.


Made no difference!

Today 3 times:

Started to edit with a pre-edited drumrecording. After an hour or two working became more and more sluggish. At a certain point manual editing isn’t a pleasure anymore, later it slows down that serious that it really needs time.

That needs to be fixed!!!

(This was similar in Nuendo 3 all the time, in Cubase 5.5 (and I guess in N5.1) it was away)

I had the same problem. I solve it taking the waves shall out of the plugin folder (I only have the L1 plug). Even if the L1 wasn’t loaded in the project everything was incredibly slow.
It could be any other plugin you have. Start taking out all the dll plugs, but the N5.5 original ones, and see what happens.
Hope this helps.

Same problem here with my iMac i5 and N 5.5. For 4 - 5 minutes the GUI is very responsive, then suddenly slow, unresponsive. I tried using 32 and 64 Bit versions, same problem. No video player or something else with high graphic demands running.
I can’t accept that I need a state-of-the-art super graphics adapter to run an audio software. Please help with this.



I am afraid that we are not talking about the same issue…

I am NOT talking about overall sluggishnes and an unresponsible GUI by default.

My GUI is blazing fast. Mixer and stuff, regular projects as well. But after some hours editing the EVENTS and the EDITS itself become slower and slower. Like when having a too slow harddisc, not enough RAM or whatever…

Mixer and stuff is ok.

The application itself is ok.

It is just EDITING speed which gets slow and nasty.