any chance you'll re-visit allowing us to turn off the Hub when directly opening a file (on a Mac) from the Finder?

I know you’ve said “no”, but each time I open a file I find it so distracting that I’m shamelessly raising the issue again. Apparently this isn’t the behavior on a PC, but when on a Mac if you open a Dorico file directly from the Mac Finder (as I usually do to open Dorico files since I have them organized in various locations on my Mac), Dorico still first subsequently opens the Steinberg Hub, with it’s implied invitation for me to unnecessarily choose another file to open (as the most prominent Hub window you see). It might just be me, but each and every time when this happens I find myself looking at the Hub’s list of files and wondering: “why is the program asking me to open a file here, when I just clicked on one already in the Finder?” It just feels uncharacteristically unintuitive right from the get-go for so otherwise incredible a program (but I may be the only one who finds this annoying). Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but since it’s something that admittedly annoys me literally every time I open a Dorico file, I thought I’d throw it out there again :slight_smile:
Best and thanks for everything -

  • D.D.

I’m not sure I see the problem here: the Hub does appear, but then it’s automatically closed as soon as the file you double-clicked is opened, right?

It’s just a user interface thing with me I guess – it just feels illogical, if I click and open a Dorico file directly in the Mac Finder (as I basically always do to open a Dorico file I’m working on), for the Hub afterwards to open at all in that situation, since primarily what you then see is a Hub window where you are invited to open another file (unnecessarily), while you wait. It’s again a relatively small annoyance, but I would simply wish to have the option when I open a file directly from the Mac Finder for the file to simply open directly in Dorico without seeing the Hub in that situation at all. Just my two cents of course. I seem to recall that the behavior I desire is what happens already for those using a PC instead of a Mac but somebody can correct me if I’m wrong.

Yep, no Hub for me on startup, until I close the file.

As things SHOULD be in the universe :slight_smile:

  • D.D.

In Sibelius we have/had this „recent files“ window too. And since it was not reliably showing the latest version of a file one was working on, a little seed of mistrust had been planted right there. Because of this I always (always!) open files from the finder. Seeing the launch window / hub in Dorico is too close a reminder to not think of unpleasant experiences in Sibelius… Me too would like an option to have it not open, when a file is been opened from within the finder.

Couldn’t you leave Dorico open in the background so the hub bothers you only once a day or even less?

I’ve looked into this further and can see why the Hub appears on Mac and not on Windows in this circumstance. We’ll see about changing it in future.

Thanks, Daniel and fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Great to know. I was searching this forum as well for an option how turn off Steinberg hub completely, as I never use it and open my files from finder or system search results. Would be great if you would add this option one day in General setting. Thank you