Any command to tell a track to go into its own folder withe the same name?


maybe someone can help out here…

Right now I had some tracks with instruments. I wanted to move all celli into a Celli folder and all strings into a strings folder.
There’s the option to mark all tracks that should go into a new folder. I did that and had to rename the folder to celli / strings etc. afterwards. That worked.
Just the question remains:
(How) is it possible to automatically tell a track to go into a folder with the same name?
Is there any command or is a macro needed?

Any help is welcome…



I’m sorry, I don’t think this is possible.

Ok, no biggie.

Thanks Martin

If you were to come up with a standard set of Folder names, then you could create matching PLE Presets to do the task.

Recently I realized that we can use the names of Track Colors to hide (or potentially move to folders) Tracks using that color. I color Tracks mostly based on instruments so all my Violins are one color (conveniently named “violins”), cellos another color and synth pads still another.

Here’s how that works Hide/Show Tracks based on Color Names used as tags - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Thanks, raino