Any concern about latency?

I will be getting the Lynx E44 internal soundcard. I want to make sure of my routing plan. I’ll be using an external hardware equalizer.

Internal Soundcard: Lynx E44 (4 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs)
All input and output cables are XLR.

External Hardware: Equalizer with XLR inputs and outputs
DAW: Cubase Artist 8.5 (Does not have the External FX feature)

Does the following routing make sense to avoid a feedback loop and to allow live monitoring of the hardware equalization changes I make?

Outputs 1 & 2 > Headphones
Outputs 3 & 4 > Equalizer > Inputs 1 & 2

UnEqualized Track > Send Only to Outputs 3 & 4
Equalized Track > Record From Inputs 1 & 2 with Record Monitor On

Any concern about latency?

That depends on if your card has a mixer how it it is configured and can best be checked by yourself when your gear has arrived.

Any digital system has some inherent latency, so what is the question?

The card does have a mixer. I have never used a card with a mixer, so that will be enlightening.
I assume the only place where there will be latency is the interface between Cubase and the card.

What is the best way to measure and handle this latency? I know Cubase Pro handles this beautifully via External FX. Is that the preferred way of interfacing Cubase to hardware?

Latency issues would be an issue under several scenarios.

Your issue will be that you have to manually adjust the delay compensation for the returned track in relation to other tracks in the project. This can create some monitoring challenges depending on buffer settings of the card, size of project and what the total latency is for other tracks in the project.

Sounds like I’ll be updating to Cubase Pro 9.5.

The only difference is that in Pro it does the calculation for you. And, it comes with the penalty of tying up the outputs for a given project. Calculating the offset isn’t that difficult. But, there are so many other advantages to Pro it would probably be worth it.

But it’s important to understand that Pro does NOT change the latency. It simply adjusts playback to align to the recorded latency. If you are trying to play and monitor, you will notice.

“And, it comes with the penalty of tying up the outputs for a given project.”

Not having used Cubase Pro, could you please elaborate on this penalty?

Now what exactly is it you want to achieve? Just a mixdown file of your master mix that is live monitored (and probably tweaked during playback)?

Yes, that is it.

as long as that’s all you want, there’s no reason for Pro. The routing will work.

Thank you for your help. When I get the card, I will try the routing.