Any confirmed new features for 9.5?Is there a poll?

Hi there,I haven’t been on this forum in a long while,so not in the loop whatsoever.Before 9 was released I remember there was poll with an option to vote a certain features to be added in the next version.Has there been one for 9.5?Presumably 9.5 will be released in december as usual,has there been any new features confirmed?Im still on 8.5 at the minute and may upgrade to 9 before 9.5 is released.Cheers

Not that I know of yet? But personally I’d rather settle with some more bug fixes and workflow adjustments than again new features that are aimed at some happy few new customers? IMO ‘Performance’ is the operative word here. Cubase 9 is still rather ‘sluggisch’ and unpredictable when it comes to the audio engine. A substantial improvement on this would really make me click on ‘BUY’ but not so much more new features that will probably make it even more sluggish?

Oh yeah,totally agree man.Workflow features is what i meant.They always add extra’s as well though so thats to be expected.

There has never been a confirmed list of new features before any Cubase release afaik.
We will have to wait and see.
This time I don’t even have an idea what that could be

And isn’t it exciting. I can hardly contain myself with the thoughts of what it could be.

Curves perhaps? some sort of tool. They are already in the sampler. Steinberg finally gets to put that 1 too bed.

I really can’t think of any BIG new WOWS they can pull out of the hat. Plenty of smaller ones.
Ability to name plugins in plugin manager to fix issues of readability in the mixer view.
Coloured mixer tracks.
Hotkey/shortcut focus changes.
Mixer history undo tweaks.
Revamped graphics to older plugins.

Dare I say it… More inserts, I doubt this one though! especially on a .5

The return of the fullscreen mixer, and add the fullscreen project window as well, ple-azeee

Ya,definitely more inserts and mixer colors.Can you rearrange the channels in the mixer yet?Always found having to move them in the arrange window annoying,if Im in mixer view.Some automation improvements would be nice too.I’d love if they could somehow integrate pauls extreme stretch software into the sampler.Its free ware anyway.I always use it for ambient sounds but I have to go between both when making sounds.Thats not gonna happen though unfortunately.

What’s wrong with pressing ‘F3’ and clicking on the maximize button once?

They mean fullscreen where the MixConsole consumes the ENTIRE display and not just most of a display like a maximized window does. Cubase had this capability prior to C9 (or was it 8).

We had it in cubase 7 and 7.5, but it was buggy, they say. Not for me though, it worked perfectly fine on (my) mac. I really miss it…

My wish list:

Optimization and bug fixes (Including the new Video engine)

On XML Score importing, provide an option to automatically set up terraced and hair-pin dynamics instead of just importing them as text elements (so we don’t have to go through and replace them manually in the editors to get better expression map interpretation).

Unlock drum maps that are auto-generated by things like Groove Agent, so the output and MIDI channel of each kit piece can be changed at will without needing to hack the drum-map’s XML or start all over with a fresh map.

Some kind of key-combo where one can set a cursor position when the DAW is stopped and touch/drag a Mixer fader/pot and an automation event is written at that point, with options to replace or average with possible existing events. I do realize we can draw directly on automation lanes, but sometimes it’d be nice to be able to just hold down modifier key(s) and touch a fader to write an event.

Part-like containers for events on automation lanes. I’ve always felt it would be nice if the stuff on automation lanes could be in part containers that we can name, slice and glue, etc…like we do with the parts on MIDI and Audio tracks. That would make project logical editors dealing with automation a good bit more powerful/flexible.

Versions for automation lanes, and easy methods to import/export individual lanes to a file on disk.

More power in project and MIDI logic editors. Working with Score events (I.E. articulations, dynamics, etc.), Creating arbitrary MIDI events.

MIDI Effect/Aux sends on Instrument tracks

New track types or automation lanes for automating more things in the DAW…I.E. Arming/disarming tracks for recording/monitoring, Launching Macros, manipulating locators and arrangement track options in real time, etc. We can do this stuff to a large degree via MIDI tracks and Generic Remote Devices, but it’d be nice if we had more different “Track Types” for these things all ready to go…

Multiple, well thought out and easy to use methods of controlling tempo by remote control and recording those remote movements or preset changes. One method could simply be presets that force a given tempo. Another could be continuous controller style (from a pot or fader) to an adjustable resolution. The ability to have multiple tempo tracks and ‘select among them’ via remote control would be nice as well.

Power user scripting (LUA) for as much of the DAW as possible…key and score editors would be a good start.

OSC support

More flexibility on Font choices/sizes/colors/scaling

Independent horizontal sizing for each Mixer channel.

Fresh content (optional to install) is always welcome. We can always use ‘more sounds’ to go with HSSE and GA…

Love the new split screen concept…would love to see it where one can have as many splits as he likes, both horizontally and vertically, with frame pop-out ability (HALion 6 like).

I didn’t think this was a wish list thread but more of a what they’re likely to include, regardless to personal wants. But yeah… Some good ones.

Bug fixes and performance fixes (audio, GUI, etc) is all I ask for

Nothing is announced.

If there aren’t bezier curves? Or Lock Locators? Or… I dunno what I’ll do, but… It’ll be major.

I haven’t heard anyone but you ask for “Lock Locators”…

Ahh…that! Forgot all about it? I still have a copy of 7.5 and took another look. I’m not very fond of it actually because you can’t use the full screen for anything else but the mixer. If for instance move plugins screens to it they will disappear behind the mixer screen. So you will only be able to use the project window to place other (plugin a.o.) screens if you only have 2 monitors. Another weird thing about it is (was) that if choose the screen to be full where your project window was the mixer replaces this and your project window is gone. Then you first have to make another screen full again so you can drag your project windows away from there. Maybe if you use 3 screens and will have one dedicated for the mixer it will be OK but with 2 it’s not very efficient imo? Maybe it did work better under Windows 7 but under 10 not so great?

And this must be the reason steinberg removed this feature. Funny thing is, I didnt have any of those issues on my mac. It worked flawlessly since day one. I had the mixers on separate monitors open at all time, it stayed that way, and I dragged plugs in and out without problems.
Actually, I had two full screenmixers on two monitors and the project window on the (3) main middle monitor, and it worked as intended.

(And I used the cubase 7 series on three different macs including pro and elements.)

The only things I personally want are (sometimes years-long in waiting) bug fixes, workflow fixes, and performance issues (such as GUI and overall speed on Mac, CPU efficiency). Lots of other significant unfinished features and major bugs (one of many, many examples is that you can’t load up very large projects back-to-back without the program crashing - this is on both Windows and Mac, and upon researching the forums I saw that it’s been an issue for years now) need complete fixing – these are the things that make working day-in-and-day-out professionally on a DAW possible and enjoyable, and I’m still off of Cubase waiting to see if a good amount of things get addressed.

Very well said! I’m not on a Mac so I don’t experience crash/load/performance issues.

Cubase is like a big old house. A lot of things need finishing, updating, fixing etc.

If it wasn’t for the competitive environment of all DAWs I think our wishes would be addressed much quicker. But resources are always limited and IMO it is about the bottom line…money.