Any Cubase 7 users that are also using S1Pro 2 ?


Any Cubase 7 users that are also using Studio One Pro 2 ?

What are your thoughts on S1Pro 2 compared to Cubase 7.05 ? Which one are you using more these days ?

(Oh…and S1Pro 2 just got updated to version 2.6)


I use Cubase 7.04 64 bit for any projects involving musicians with instruments. for projects that are vocals over pre-recorded backing tracks, I use studio one v2.6. studio one is unbelievably fast for melodyne use because of ARA. vari audio is good but not as good… I could use studio one for “band” type projects, but find it clunky and ugly for this. regardless of what some say, gui DOES matter if you are using something all day every day like me. i’m happy to switch between both daws depending on the task. studio one has some decent built in plugins but the virtual instruments are poor. but the pro version supports vst standard. best thing apart from melodyne ARA is that you get 5 licenses. unlike Cubase where you only get one. I got studio one pro upgrade from artist for abut £160 so that’s about £32 per machine!
even so, I still prefer Cubase overall, especially when recording and editing multitrack band projects with drums etc. ed

Even though I have Wavelab 7, I use Studio One v2 2.6 for mastering a lot of the time. It’s very easy to get around and easy to add metadata for mp3 album creation.

yes, the “electronic” publishing side of the mastering in s1 is good. but I have found that when I make a master cd with it, it can’t be read by either of my different branded duplicator machines, regardless of disc brand. other users have reported same problem and presonus didn’t do anything when I contacted their tech support (other than say I was to turn off my anti-virus, which made no difference…) ed p.s. this is a Cubase forum, I know!


what is your preferred DAW? Cubase ore Studio one?

My question about this is because my music dealer told me that Studio one sound better then cubase. His colleague switch over to presonus after he using cubase for more than 20 years. He said steinberg will lost customers, they are on a wrong way (what i cant belive).

Is the work with studio one better or is cubase the ultimative DAW in working progress and sound?

Background about my question:

I want to bay an USB Interface for my laptop and thinking about a UR 22 from Steinberg. My dealer says buy a presonus audiobox 22vsl, it sounds better and you will get an Studio One artist.

nonsense! impossible to say that studio one sounds “better” than Cubase or anything else. presonus says it sounds better because you can have 64 bit precision for the mixer engine. cakewalk say the same about their daws.but if you use a very good eq plugin in Cubase it will sound “better” than the built in eq in studio one for example. my opinion is this; I get great results (I hope!) with Cubase 7. and I also get great results in studio one. studio one is better if you use melodyne a lot. Cubase is better for tracking and editing live bands. Cubase midi is best of all daws I think. if I could only have one daw, I would stick with Cubase. as it is, I have Cubase, studio one, sonar and reaper. reaper and sonar are way too clunky for me. all of this is my opinion. remember that a salesman in a shop is on commission to sell what he has in stock or is an agent for… ed p.s. studio one artist is very basic. no vst support. soon as you start using it you’ll want to buy the upgrade to pro. pro is very good value though (read my comments above about multiple licenses).

Hi Thanx for you answer.

Today i buy the Steinberg UR22 Interface and i am satisfacted. Great sound, lower latency then my terratec phase 22 Interface.

My dealer shows me studio one pro and I see the handling is different from cubase. A great feature is the using of external hardware like behringer BCR2000 with two klicks that you don not have in cubase (you must use generic controller,and you have to programm this). Also the integreation of a mastering suite is very interesting. Other thing dag and drop a VST instrument is easyer then in Cubase. Some of the features in S1 rembers me in Reaper, one of it you can see all hardware using of each plugin.

But i do not think to switch over to studio one, Cubase is for me the best DAW.

Perhaps Steinberg takes some of the S1 features in the next Cubase version 8.