Any Cubase AI users around Manchester

Hi Folks,
I’m new to working with DAW and finding it a little difficult to get the basics sorted.
If there is anybody in the Manchester area who could help set me up it would be much appreciated , no probs with
paying for some basic set up lessons.
I have the following
MacBook Pro 13 "
2.4 Ghz Intel core i5
Memory 4 GB
AI …Steinberg UR12.
Guitars and mic
I have everything installed and up and running, even managed to record and play back something but really struggling
to find my way with VST and effects, Drum tracks etc.
Spent most of today going round in circles trying to record a guitar track with effects via UR12 and play back via inbuilt speakers
can only playback via headphones… Couldn’t even find how to load and select effects units, beginning to think I’m a bit of a numpty.
Thanks Paul …live South Manchester nr the airport

Hi mate, i live in Bolton im actually new to using Cubase 9 Ai but ive used previous versions of cubase and have been using Different Daws for many years so have picked it up really quick, id be happy to help you out if you have any questions i can help with!

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