Any Cubase users on Second Life?

I have heard several concerts there and wonder if one here is also
there using Cubase for music?


My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

Thought it was about Half Life ( the game ) :mrgreen:

Those volcanoes must be active there :laughing:

Half life and second-life are pretty much the exact opposite in games.
Singleplayer action adventure scifi survival etc.
Second life: multiplayer ‘life simulator’ a la 'Let’s make a hot chick and walk around the town to look at other hot chicks (all played by men btw) and do some virtual shopping and house decorating. You can even have a dance at night!

Sorry, second life is not exactly my cup of tea :wink:

Thanks for clearing that up Strophoid, I guess I was half right :laughing:

I do not participate in the “Second Life” thing.

However, for those of you not familiar - they do in fact have “concerts” in that virtual world.

I have a friend - an excellent musician - whose band “performed” there. In his case, their Avatars (virtual representations of themselves) actually look more or less like the the real thing.

They are a “live” band - drums, bass, guitar, etc - and streamed a live performance to the site. The performance was real. The visuals were created. Not unlike the Gorillaz, actually.

Second Life is very popular with many people. An escape of some sort, I suppose. Oddest story I heard was of a couple who met on the site. fell in love, met in real life, and got married.
Only trick was . . . the guy in Second Life was a woman in real life . . . and the woman was a guy in real life . . . Worked out OK, I guess, all considered.

I believe some well known acts have performed on in Second Life.

And, yes, I’m sure there are those who use Cubase . . .


Second Life is exactly what it says it is. With the exception of the fact that it is virtual reality, which means you can be or do anything you want.

But it is a mirror of “real” life. There are offices there. You purchase real estate to build your residential or industrial areas, you can sell insurance, virtual products or use it as a store front to sell physical products. There is a lot of entertainment there, U2 has performed there. I know that for sure, and many other bands as well (just don’t know who). I am not a participant, but it comes up just enough on occasion that I start to wonder if I should become a member.

If you would like to know just how big it really is. Here is the Wikipedia list of businesses that have a presence in Second Life.

IE- Serious businesses, like Disney, ING Group, MTV, Universal Motown Records, etc…

Just asking because I have made some $$$$ there.

Not tons of $$ but enough to have done it several times.

Bono spewing his faux ‘care for humanity’ rubbish is bad enough in First Life.

He’s a public icon! He can do that and get away with it anywhere he wants. :laughing: He could even play on stage with big fuzzy animal avatars and be a hit.