Any difference between a key Signpost and without?

I’m doing an exercise book where I take a scale and do a simple transpose to another key (brilliant dialog that was done there by the way to make this easy and helping me through the mental gymnastics). Usually after a transpose it loses the signpost for the key. So it’s written correct but Dorico doesn’t know the key anymore apparently - any effect of this? Interestingly the only case I noticed where it kept or added a signpost was going from G major to C major, in this case it recognized C major and added one.

Signposts are shown for key signatures that don’t show accidentals, like A minor, C major, and atonal. For key signatures that show accidentals, it’s generally enough to look at the key signature to determine the key, but I appreciate that the difference between major/minor requires a bit more musical context (e.g. raised 7th in minor keys).

Ahhhh that explains it, yes they only show up on C and a. Thanks Lillie.