Any disadvantage in cosolidating your tracks?

If you want to get wave files of a song and just export them to give to someone who will open it up in their DAW, it will include all the wave file takes of each track etc. To consolidate your tracks, you follow this tutorial. I tried it and it works very well.

My question is, is there any negative result by doing this? Does this change things on your song that it then creates a problem later on?

I’m not sure what you mean by “change things on your song”. Do a “Back up Project” before any major changes or commitments. Then you will always have your pre-disaster mix to fall back on :stuck_out_tongue: .

By the way, it was nice to see some Cubase 6. Is that the version you are using?

Now, if 6 turned out to be 9 … I don’t mind … I don’t mind …

Jimi, that you?

Sorry :blush: .

I have Cubase 9.5 but the tutorial is a little old.

More info: I did a backup project and then forwarded the tracks to a studio who is using Pro Tools. They said there was so many bass guitar tracks, etc which were really older takes that were hidden underneath. If you consolidate the files, all these extra files of 1st takes don’t show up and just the final takes. This makes forwarding projects to other people outside of Cubase on other DAW’s more workable.