Any Display Monitor Suggestions - Cubase 10 & Win 10??

Greetings All -

With the new HDPI setting in Cubase 10, do any of you have a particular display(s) you like using with Cubase and Windows 10?
Any displays that you like with Cubase in general… ultrawide or other?

Thanks for the input!

Yes - am interested in experience too

I’m prepping to “update” from Win 7 to 10 this week.
Too many programs I use are becoming Win 10 only…so I’ts time.

I currently have a 4k Mon which I’m hoping will pop once I get it setup.

Fingers X

No suggestion, just an experience. I have a 3 monitor setup for a while now. One of them died and I thought “hey, let’s try a 4k monitor”. So there are 2 28" screens in usual resolution (those are left/right) and a 4k display centered on top of them, my working position is about 1 meter away.

With HiDPI enabled in Cubase, everything looks normal (scaled as if it’s just a non 4k dispaly). When disabled, much more tracks or mixer channels/racks can be visible. This could be awesome if you’re working with just that one screen or a really wide/curved monitor from a closer position.

My reality is that I have my Cubase mixer on the left screen, project on the right screen (both non 4k) and that hi resolution display shows my analyzers, TotalMix, plugin windows or whatever I want to see but out of the way.

By using screens with different resolutions the mouse behaviour can get odd. Works quick and easy on the ‘normal’ monitors, as soon as I mouse over the 4k it feels like wading in water. There’s no setting in Windows (or none that I found in Windows or my graphic card software at least) that adjusts mouse speed to higher resolution. One speed must fit all, which is not so brilliant. Having a standard and a 4k display side by side means you never get a smooth transition from screen to screen horizontally. Vertically it feels a little better.

Mixer/project on the 4k were simply too small + the different mouse behaviour >>> that’s how that 4k went up above the main screens while I originally tended to use it for more mixer channels.

I have the opposite situation to marQs on one configuration I work with … for portability I have a Surface Pro 4 (2736 x 1824) set on 200% with 2 x FHD 24" monitors attached when back at the desk. The mouse works OK across screens but dragging from the Surface to one of the FHD screens is messy, and then you realise that the advantage of what you thought was extra real estate when measured in pixels is actually counter-productive because you have to scale up in order to be able to see anything.

So I’m actually considering one 2K 28" or 32" rather than a 4K … but my problem is such large screens affect the acoustics when you’ve got to put your face so close to them! The way I see it, if I don’t want to use headphones, I’ll just have to wait for “in-eye” monitors … where did Google Glass go? :slight_smile:

The Monitors refresh rate is what’s most likely affecting the mouse… 30hz is usual for some 4k monitors (my current sitchiation) but mouse use becomes sluggish.
Newer ones w/better refresh rates have better with performance.

Tried all kinds of settings I found. Think that 4k can do 30 or 60 Hz but neither setting behaved smooth. Maybe I’ll have to dig deeper here but couldn’t find much options in Windows or my graphics driver. Was looking for something like ‘adjust mouse speed for different resolutions’ without luck.

Totally understand and it’s annoying…lol

Quick test would be to run all the monitors at the same refresh rate and see if the mouse use has the same “feel” across all of them. Chances are the 2 other monitors run at a higher rate so when you get to the 4k it feels worse/sluggish.

I’ve had my 4k for a few years now and have done exhaustive tests in getting Cubase to feel smoother on a 4k. Truth is after all this time I’ve gotten used to the 30hz so I know when I get my next main monitor w/a higher rate it’s gonna feel much smoother.

Sad part is how it’s 2019 and it’s the first time Cubase acknowledges higher resolution.