Any easy way of finding a CC MIDI for an external VST?

Hello again!
I’m using ReFX synth and I want to automate a gate effect using a CC MIDI. I intentionally do not want to automate it using Cubase so I checked the manual for the CC number I should use but I didn’t find anything and I also tried like 80 of them and couldn’t find the one I wanted. It might also be possible that those knobs have no CC associated to them.
My question: Is there any way of easily determining what CC would be associated to a particular knob? This using any external VST that may have little documentation or no MIDI Learn functionality.

Thank you! :smiley:

Just setup a midi track with correct channel and then hit record in Cubase and start pressing/tweaking the knobs on the synth. It will record all CC msgs if the synth sent it. If nothing is recorded maybe the synth doesn’t allow that particular function together with CC’s.

Are you trying to control the gate in the synth together with a piece of midi controller hardware?
If so, you can just use the QuickControls instead.

Im sorry msy but I didn’t explain correctly. ReFX Vanguard is a VST being used inside Cubase.
When I automate things I get an “Instrument Track”-like automation track and not MIDI CC automation, which would be very helpfull for me in order to find de Controller number. It would be great for me to know if such functionality exists in order to use it with other vsts.

I had never tried using QuickControl but it is not exactly what I was looking for, but thanks for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know your synth but many synths have MIDI learn, this typically is a right click on the knob concerned. A CC value can be applied to any parameter. SOme CC’s have usual assignments eg. CC1=Modulation but in fact any CC can be assigned to any parameter(s) if the VST allows it.

Yeap, no this one doesn’t have them ZeroZero but thank you too. I guess I might not be able to find what I was looking for. =)

Is there a way to analize what inputs a VST has? or a general idea of a vst?, like… what Cubase 6 can see when it loads a VST?


Is this the right manual? …

If so, P27-29 might be what you’re looking for.

Yes it is but the CC number for Trancegate On/Off is not there. I found a replacement a few hours ago and it is 87 (Trancegate Mix Knob) which is not in the manual. But thank you very much! :stuck_out_tongue: