Any Eleven Rack users? Need help in Cubase


My recent workflow forced me to move away for a while from PT and compose in Cubase.
While I had no problems in setting up Cubase to work as a interface and Rig in Cubase 7 I can’t resolve one Issue:
When I track a guitar through ElevenRack in PT I can record the processed and clean signal and than continue working, editing, arranging without having the rig output engaged all the time. It means I only hear the rig from my speakers when I want to. In Cubase I do basically the same: I can record a rig preset and a mono clean signal at the same time but I didn’t find a way to temporary disable the output signal from 11r when I don’t need to hear it. One workaround of course is of course to take down the volume down on the rig settings but this is not what I am looking for. It seems that 11r is active all the time while in PT it somehow switches itself of when not needed?
Can this be done in another DAW? Or is this specific to how the Interface is communicating with PT?
Help very appreciated