Any equivalent to the "light" presets in the new HSO SE?

I’ve just installed Cubase 6, and converted a project from using the old HSO player, with the 16-bit Special Edition, to the new HSO VST Sound Instrument Set. In the process CPU usage jumped from 24% to 52%, a bit worrying as the project only has five instrument tracks.

I realised though that I was using the ‘light’ presets in the older project, and the combi presets in the new project, so this might not be a fair comparison. Is there a way of replicating the old ‘light’ presets, or is HALion Sonic SE a much bigger CPU hog than the old HALion player?


I’m not aware that there’s any equivalent of the “light” banks, unfortunately!

Thanks, I’ll need to experiment with the different HSO and HALion Sonic SE settings, or get a more powerful computer!