Any ETA on the next CB8 update?

Like many I check in a few times everyday checking if Cubase Pro 8 has a new update beyond the 8.0.5
In the meantime I use 7.5.3 but would like to explore CB8’s new features without it crashing, buggy detachable menu and unreliable click.

Q ~ On average how often does Steinberg update their major releases? Every 2 months? Every 6 weeks?

There is no regular pattern. They update when they update, independent of any speculation in the forums.

If you know you eventually will upgrade once 8.x gets released, you might as well do it now. Then keep using 7.5.3 for your everyday work, and use 8.0.5 to play and explore with. You might even discover, like many, that none of those very real problems even occur on your system. It runs really well for me. The biggest flaw for me (your mileage may vary) is the Windows implementation with the weird floating menu bar - but that said the new windowing scheme is still a 1000% better than in C7 for my workflow. I can’t imagine going back.

Steinberg is a relatively small team and seem to have a rotation like release schedule between their products. At least that’s the pattern I’ve seen over the years. I am sure they deal with all products on a regular basis, but releases seem to follow this pattern, in general.

As for CP8, I have no experience with crashes, buggy detachable menu, or unreliable click. If these are issues they don’t seem to affect me, but perhaps I am not using functionality that suffer these things.

Considering how many professional outfits that use Cubase (though not necessarily version 8) I say you are fine to explore CP8. I am not an outfit per se, but I do use it in a professional capacity (i.e. CP8).

Purchased CP8 on New Years day 2015. Unusable 8.0.5 here and waiting for bugs to be addressed.

The next version will be C8.0.10 (Luis Dongo let that nugget out in another post in Issues). This was undoubtedly the version used at the NAMM show. This build is the major bug fix version we’ve been begging for, because I can’t possibly imagine Steinberg mounting a major trade show like NAMM with 8.0.5 installed. They’d be spending half the time apologizing for crashes in the middle of demonstrations.

Nothing lights a fire under a programming staff’s a s s like a desperate Product Manager with a major trade show looming.

All things considered, a roughly 45 day turnaround from an initial junk release to a solid dot rev is pretty damn good.
My guess is sometime in the next two weeks.

…unless 8.0.5 is as stable on their systems as it is on many of ours, in which case the suggested panic may not, in fact, have occurred. What’s been very clear from the forums here is that the severity of issues varies wildly from system to system, and it’s a pretty safe bet that the in-house Cubase systems will be among those working well.

But good news nonetheless if they already have new build ready to go, plenty of things still to tweak and fix for all of us.

People saying it is stable forget the fact that 8.0 introduced new and even re-introduced OLD (!) bugs.
For example: the fact that MCU/Mackie mode isn’t working… that is definitely a show stopper for everyone using such controllers.

Why should someone affected by any of the bugs buy CP8 BEFORE the issues are fixed?

What incentives will Steinberg have to fix bugs if everyone keeps buying the upgrades even though they are filled with major flaws and bugs?! Money is the only language ANY company will understand, right?

it is buggy indeed,(the blurred repositioned menu) if you refer to this issue, you need to set the text size on display setting to 100%

Are they going backwards you mean? 8.0.5 to 8.0.1? :open_mouth: Introducing more bugs maybe? :smiley:

No, the next update must be 8.1. And it must come soon because all we people that bought 8 and use Yamaha VST editor cant wait much longer now.

In software development the dots in a version number are not a decimal separator, so in this case x.10 is not equivalent to x.1, just saying.

OK, didnt know that, thanks.

There is no fix in the Cubase 8.010 for the Yamaha VST editor, because it’s a bug in the plugin, not in Cubase. You have to wait for Yamaha to release a bug fixed version, that btw is in the works.

No, it is an issue in Cubase 8 to, read here:

Great :-/ then we wait a little longer. Thanks for the info.

Thanks Mozizo, this has made the menu actually work. I had the text font size set to 125% but for now this is better.

I hope that you are right. Just installed a full 16 GB RAM (from 4 GB) into my Win 7 64-bit system and figured that I’d try Cubase again. Was able to play the song twice without the CPU spikes and then the usual BS. So far Cubase 8 works fine on my Macbook Pro. I just bought C8 without previously using C7 so I can’t roll back. Stuck with using Nuendo 4 32-bit on the PC until the next (hopefully bug-free) update.

If you have a C8 licence, you can run any other version below that :wink:

Would be an interesting exercise to find out how many ‘bugs’ are really down to user error, not reading the manual etc.

Just saying.

Hi there,

I don’t believe I was the first Moderator to mention the numbering of the next update, at least I hope I wasn’t. I don’t believe it was a secret either… anyway,

My guess is sometime in the next two weeks.

all I can say about an ETA is that Cubase 8.0.10 is in the works (big surprise) and it shouldn’t be too long now until it gets released (not promising anything here please, just saying :wink:). Two weeks is unfortunately a bit too optimistic, but I can promise you we will release it as soon as it is finished :slight_smile:

All the best

I wish I could have said …I’m not to optimistic and I will be glad to give you my Money when
you release a working product instead of this P.O.S. or give me my Money back until you get it fixed…
One great thing about America…If it don’t work they have to give you your Money back… :blush: