Any Focusrite saffire users? (direct monitoring)

I generally dont like to use direct monitoring, but out of curiosity if I ever need it… Why is it greyed out with the saffire in cubase?

I know the saffire 56 which I have is capable of direct monitoring, does anyone know the process?

For both interfaces you would use the Mix Control Software for direct monitoring. I have a Pro 40 and that is how it works. I’m pretty sure the 56 is the same way.

Hi - as drgamble says, you can set up direct monitoring using Saffire Mix Control rather than enabling this from Cubase (my understanding is that the option will only appear for interfaces that support it- ie. Steinberg interfaces).

In Mix Control, simply select Routing Preset ‘Ultra Low Latency Tracking’. This will create a mix incorporating all of your analogue inputs and feed this to all outputs on the Saffire. You can then mute the track you’re recording to in Cubase and monitor through the Saffire with no detectable latency.

I hope this helps, please get in touch if you need any further assistance:

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Jack // Focusrite Technical Support