Any friendly help is welcomed!


help #1:
Cubase 10 decided to invert the piano roll key colours… Sharp keys are light and natural keys are dark.
I simply cannot get used to it at all… and get totally lost…

Is there a way to go back to the traditional century default colours for that??

Help #2:
Profile manager doesn´t export my control room setup, and I forgot where Cubase stores it.

Cheers everyone in advance


I hope I will be friendly even thought I will not bring a good news.

  1. Unfortunately this is not possible.

  2. Control Room is not part of the Profile Manager by purpose. The idea is, you can take your personal settings to different studios. But Control Room is not your personal settings, this is setup of the studio (different Monitors, different routing).

Not sure I’m talking about the same thing, but-

While you can’t adjust the piano roll’s sharp and natural colors individually you can adjust the edit area background, and if you lighten it enough, the black keys lane will be dark and the natural light.