any good 3rd party acoustic/ethnic libraries?

just upgraded from H5 to H6 (thanks steiny for the Valentines discount)
didnt install it yet,but i demoed it when it got out,and i couldn’t find any good new acoustic instruments libraries(except the pianos)
surly not good authentic ethnic libraries (Middle east,Asia, Africa etc…)
i wonder if there are good 3rd party ethnic libraries for H6,with articulations and playable “live” from the keyboard and pleasant to the ear :sunglasses:

You probably missed it the first time you tried the Halion 6 demo, but Skylab adds several “cinematic” style strings, choirs, brass, percussion and FX, with multiple variations. Start from the Init Skylab preset to use them raw, and try them with some reverb. They’re not ultra realistic, but you might like some of the sounds.

Unfortunately, developing professional quality libraries these days can take a very long time. Even if you already have all of your content sampled, porting your library to another format can take a while, so you might have to wait a bit to see more acoustic stuff being made for Halion. Steinberg did mention that they were working on Halion expansions a few months ago.

I’m not a big ethnic instrument user but you might find something interesting if you look for older Halion 1/2/3, Gigastudio, EXS, or pre-Kontakt 5 libraries. Some are still being sold and Halion can import these formats. Many “old” libraries are actually very well recorded and sound pretty good.

ill probably search for the old ones for now. thought may there are some new ones programmed specifically for H6
thanks anyway

You might like some flutes and percussion (and other things):

or some brass (trombones, euphonium, sousaphone) and much more:

Or organic wave-table based sounds:

Great sounds Simon,but not what i need for my upcoming projects.i search for “imitating” the real instrument type presets

These look great, but are just a bit too expensive for me right now. Is there ever a sale or coupon discount? I understand completely if there is not!
thanks for sharing!

I do sales twice a year (summer/Black Friday), so if you wait long enough…