any good 3rd party Ethnic library for Halion ?

is there a good ethnic-library for Halion ? especially middle east / turkish instruments, not loops but something u can Play with the keyboard… cant find really good playable such library ! :unamused:

finally installed HS2/H5 !! i’m very impressed from the various macros/modules (hammond,synths haliontron etc…) sounds very good… some of the sampled instruments are fine… a lot are so so, not high quality in terms of sound and playability…
as for this topic… i checked the ethnic module and on this one i was somehow disappointed :unamused: it looks like its was made just to say “look we got cool interface with ethnic sounds” but the sounds are amateurish for a specially dedicated module… the various instruments sound very dull and not playable… those ethnic instruments are useless if they are so static with no articulations and deep controller sets…
just got it for couple of hours … H5 in general looks very cool… just the general libraries especially the ethnic one should be more pro and not as an old casio romplers for 20 $ :exclamation: :neutral_face:

YAMAHA/Steinberg need to work together, and develop professional, high-quality sample libraries for Halion 5 and Halion Sonic 2.

It seems like 3rd party developers are not too eager to do so. (They are too focused on Kontakt).

Hopefully YAMAHA/Steinberg will listen to us. and begin releasing Orchestral, World, Choirs, and other interesting sample libraries for H5 and HS2.


well maybe i was a little bit too harsh ? H5 kept me awake all night long :wink:
but yes definitely need good quality libraries for halion… the ethnic library is ok for sketching ideas . it looks as a teaser or light edition of the real thing ! ? maybe steinberg/yamaha are up to some serious ethnic and other library ?

also as i posted in other topic, a Modern physical modeling engine (as Yamaha VL in the past) would be great addition to Halions power :sunglasses:

The only 3rd party content that was released yet, was
Neo Soul Keys (as far as I know). I bought it and it really
sounds great. I hope there will be more 3rd party developers
who recognize the power of HALion in the future.

I barely use Kontakt since I bought HALion 4. But some sounds,
especially acoustic instruments, cannot keep up with the actual

But I think there are quite a lot good programs in the world
instrument sets. Especially the turkish programs. Changing
the articulations works via velocity-switching here.