Any good In-depth tutorials on Halion 4.5 ??

Googled around on internet for good H4.5 videotuts but couldn’t find any interesting.
The SWA tuts about Halion are quite poor verdicted…

Any tips ?


I’m with you on this one. Still waiting for some good tutorials.

Just out of curiosity, which areas do you need tutorials on? I know the manual’s a bit dry but it’s all in there, well, most of it anyway.

Agree, but for me at start was absolutely frustrating where to start - how to make first steps - what is possible and how can I use it.

After some time I figured that best way is to explore library and look on presets. Yes there is a lot of waste (pattern) on busses and layers - in meaning that creators have some kind of template and sometimes template containing a lot of busses or effects contains in reality only one zone… but there is a lot of ideas.

Take a look on official videos

And this tutorial helps me a lot and

My best practice:

  • Find sound I like
  • look at structure (consult manual about functions) and used elements (layer, )
  • tweak and play
  • have fun :smiley:

Hope this helps. BTW one thing on university is always have manual :stuck_out_tongue:

You really can’t compare the effectiveness of watching a video tutorial with reading a manual, especially when you begin learning a big, complex piece of software like Halion.

There is no “magic bullet” with halion…

All you need to do is spend some time with it…

When i first got it, i was like omg, are you serious? Point being that it takes some time to know where what is…
Once you know where the things are, your speed will increase.
It is a monster and wow, so much is possible… Really…
But you need to spend time with it…

I still dont know how to preserve the flex or pads from one sound while dialing in another sound for example…

First timer tip: add new stuff by right clicking the sound name in the right pane…new-midi module-xx

Its all there… Somewhere… Just spend a couple of hours with it… :wink:

100% Agree