Any Halion 7 rumours?

There are certainly pros and cons to relicensing HALion 6. I doubt that a switch to Steinberg Licensing late in the product cycle would encourage significant additional sales, unless it was accompanied by the start of a grace period for HALion 7 (so buy HALion 6 now, get HALion 7 free when released).

I hope we are only a few months out from HALion 7 and that it will be a compelling set of improvements to what is already a great instrument.

I’m happy to get away from the usb dongle,
I lost one dongle one time (actually did’nt loose it, but the dongle was damagde (water), i was quick enough to let it dry for a couple of days, and retransfer all license to a new usb license, and we are not talking about a few bucks here, but licenses cost something like 1000$.
My sister lost here usb dongle and had to apply for zero down time, to get a new license / dongle.
Steinberg was quick to help me, my sister with the dongle issues.
So for me, i would rather avoid using this usb elicenser dongle, i have been with steinberg since 1991, starting using the pro 24 on Atari with the red big dongle, which you had to atach to atari serial port, if i remember it correctly , to cubase on atari, to cubase sx pc, cubase element 4-5-6-7-8 (pc /mac) and now cubase element 12, which by the way is working perfect.
I’m sick and tired of this dongle.
And when the times come, when we can
Transfer wavelab pro / element, halion 6/7 or atleast 7 to the new dongle free license system, including other steinberg product, i would be free of any frustration, i allways have been scared loosing this dongle, when taking my pc / mac to my freinds, which i dont do anymore.
And lastly, when the new Halion 7 comes, as usually, Steinberg wil offer both an upgrade and non upgrade of halion 7.

You can transfer WaveLab to Steinberg Licensing now if you have a WaveLab 11 licence - the Download Access Code you need is in the “Vouchers” section of your My Steinberg account.

If you don’t already own WaveLab 11, a paid update to WaveLab 11 will switch you to Steinberg Licensing.

Thanks David, i dont have wavlab 11, only wavlab element 8, which is old now, but i only use wavelab element for quick dirty simple audio editting.
But i will upgrade element to 11, so i can “convert” wavlab to a dongle free version, or what ever its is called.

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Other products have already been moved to Steinberg licensing. The code is already written, so what you’re saying makes little sense. It is just a manner of porting the authentication code to HALion 6 (as they have done with Groove Agent) and then issuing vouchers so people can move it over.

However, I think the bigger issue isn’t that moving HALion would take time, but that a substantial number of their customers with HALion acquired it via an Absolute bundle. That changes the game and requires them to port everything over, as Absolute is not - like Komplete - a bundle of discrete products. All products in the bundle reference the same license, so those users cannot move ONLY HALion to Steinberg licensing if they own Absolute. The bundle is all-or-nothing when it comes to upgrades or license conversions.

That being said, I already have Komplete Ultimate Collector’s Edition and Falcon 2.5, so I don’t really feel like I have much skin in the HALion game anymore. It’s not like there is much of a market for Libraries for it, and I already have too many synths :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m shure, steinberg will fix it, and know what they
are doing.
In the end, we will all be happy, hopefully.

Lot’s of people , forget that, halion is just a sampler.
Steinberg need to fucus on Halion 7 functionality,
instead of providing more sample to the library.

Certainly <3 <3 <3 … but actually we suffer from this dual licensing system… the sooner they migrate HALion 6 the better.

Has multiple synthesis engines (VA, Wavetable, Granular) and tonewheel emulation, more than ‘just’ a sampler. Fully expecting a new FM synthesis engine to be added in H7.

Would be a killer to see also the Yamaha VL1 synth engine and even updated and better ( its from the 80’s if I’m not wrong )

What i mean by “just” a sampler, is the main purpose is to record and sample, built your own synth with custom interface, and offcourse , halion 6, has
spectral wavetable, and tons of other stuff, etc…
Because lots of halion user is asking, requsting for
a updated halion library, because halion 6 library is outdated, which is true, but i would hope for more
functionality, features, like fm synthesis, ai, vocoder,
much easier and better way of builting custom synth, with better gui, perhaps even a better scripting, more like Basic like scripting , instead lua, or perhaps, a easier lua commands.
Don’t take it literally, when i say halion 6 is “just” a sampler, its not just a sampler, and wont be , when halion 7 is out.

Ok, I appreciate what you’re saying. People perhaps need to be clear differentiating between HALion sonic and HALion - I’d imagine those who predominately use Sonic are wanting improved libraries.

I only use (full) HALion if creating my own patches, at which point yes it needs some definite improvements and bringing up to date, so does Groove agent though - these small icons are killing me on higher res screens. :slight_smile:

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Would love to see the MODX/Montage sound set/functionality in Halion 7. I love my MODX, but the keybed is terrible. I know I can trigger it from another controller, but my space is limited. I just don’t have the room for several keyboards. I’m sure that won’t happen despite a number of MODX owners asking for a plugin version or a rack variant.

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Just can’t see that as a lot of the Montage soundset are multi-channel instruments. Personally, I find a lot of the fun/uniqueness is with the super knob and motion sequences so that would need to be a feature to fully replicate them.

In fact, on it’s own - a super knob function would be cool in HALion, i.e. could be used to merge multiple HALion patches, arps and fx levels - mappable to a continuous controller or expression pedal. I could lose hours with that!!! :slight_smile:

I think the FM engine is nailed on to be in H7 though. Which will be nice as I’m pretty confident building patches with the Montage, you’d imagine it will be based on the same key elements as FM-X too, with the 8 ops, ton of algorithms, and spectral forms.

I’m a big fan of the Arps on montage too, I’d love to see more of those come over., They’re excellent for jamming or layering.

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With SpectraLayers 9, my last (but fundamental) eLicenser product is HALion 6 (as well as HSO, with this


annoying pop up appearing every time I start C12 while the dongle is not connected) . I can’t wait for a dongleless HALion, be it 6.x or 7.

Does anyone have a list of stuff that is stock with Cubase Pro compared to what comes with HALion/Absolute for those of us who want to remove the dongled stuff without having to wipe out everything and reinstall from scratch?

I really don’t wanna lose Groove Agent (though I can use Maschine for Sampling), but I’m literally out of USB Ports on my desktop … and I’m already using a couple of Hubs (one passive, one powered).

EDIT: Actually, and I’m not sure why I have JUST thought of this… I can just delete the entire content directory and uninstall the applications/plug-ins and then copy the content directory over from my Laptop which doesn’t have the Absolute Stuff installed at all.

EDIT 2: The above trick worked a treat. Dongle Free!