Any HALion4 news in this NAMM??

Must we expect any good news about an imminent halion4 release? Could be announced in this NAMM edition? … Is there anybody there!??

I suppose you’ve seen the Cubase 6 release details? It might point to a possible future direction, but no, no news on any HALion 4.

Actually this is quite funny …
They started a HALion 4 Blog on 18 December 2009 And They are still able to keep A Release date out of Range
I just wonder if they will release it this year …
I currently even think they might Release Groove Agent 4 Or something like HALion Bassist/Guitarist Before HALion 4 would finally be released …

I really did not expect them to Release Cubase 6 Before HALion 4
I am also pretty sure that the HALion 3 owners will get the best offer
It might even be that HALion Sonic owners Might pay the full price for it
(however It might be a good promotion to give HALion Sonic Owners A chance to Upgrade)

Dude, last time I had a conversation like this, the guy ran back up the alley clutching a little plastic bag … :unamused: