Any help setting up headphone mixes please?

Hello guys,

I have been using MOTU’s 24 I/O “Cuemix” for my headphone mixes.
While it works, it’s a bit buggy as well.

So I was told another way to create headphone mixes, is for example:
I have channels 1-11 for my drums. How do I either buss or send all these channels out from my MOTU 24 I/O, say channels 3-4 OUT?

I currently have a Behringer Powerplay headphone distribution amp with 6 mixers in my studio for the individual mixes. Again, while it works within Cuemix, the program is buggy. It seems to “go to sleep” and each channel needs to be “woken up” by muting and unmuting each channel send. And at times, some of the routing gets messed with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Dalzell
Las Vegas, NV

Nuendo has sends that you can use to send audio to different physical outputs. That’s what I normally do. So you can end up with:
Out 1-2 main mix
Out 3-4 monitor 1
Out 5-6 monitor mix 2

You also have 2 Cue sends in the Mix Console.

There are 4 Cue mixes available. Inside Nuendo.

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Cue Mixes are connected to the Control Room.
You need to activate Control Room, and there you can configure up to 4 Cue mixes.


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