Any help setting up UR22 mk II

Hey all,

This is my first time posting. I’m new to setting up a home studio and all I want to do is get a very simple set up going, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday i bought a keylab midi synth, a Nord Lead 4 desktop synth and a UR22.I’m using Ableton Live 9, All i wanna do is control the Nord using the midi synth. As i play the midi synth I would like the midi notes to paste into a session clip and from that session clip I want those midi notes to play through the Nord back into ableton into and audio clip. I would have thought the UR22 would easily be capable of this.

the only set up I have going is, right now, the keylab is connected to directly to the Nord via midi and the output from the nord is connected to an input in the UR22. Audio comes through an audio clip in ableton but it is in mono. I find the set up instructions no use and only explains the set up in cubase. I’m not using cubase and never will. this is terribly frustrating.

Can anyone shine some light on my situation?