Any help with using the tempo detection?

Hi! I have problems using the Cubase function “tempo detection” on old hard rock songs, songs by i.e. Van Halen, The Sweet, KISS, etc. The tempo detection is usually doing a really bad job and comes out wrong almost all the time, almost hitting the right tempo but never getting the exact tempo and through out the whole song… Any help out there to get this function work with great results, correcting the fluctuating tempo of the original song to a fixed (exact)tempo?

No, have similar results. The tempo was fluctuating to much, so considered this I’m not surprised that the tempo mapping function doesn’t work well.

However on material that hasn’t much fluctuating (tempo steady) in it, it works actually pretty good.

There’s a helpful video about the Tempo Detection Tool:

and when you’ve got your tempo map right, you can select : Audio->Advanced->Set Definition from Tempo
and the audio file will follow whatever tempo you like (by deactivating the tempo track or using a completely different tempo map with track versions e.g.)

Thanks I’ll have a look at the video for tempo detection. But I realize I also need to understand different time signatures in a lot of songs that I’m working on (cover songs). I guess Cubase cant detect time signatures? But isnt it important when adding midi instruments? So for example midi drums can follow the correct time signature and not only the correct tempo? Here I’m especially thinking about a song called “Burn on the Flame” by the rock/pop band called “Sweet”. There seem to not only be a fluctuating tempo in that song but it also seem to have different time signatures, I guess… Thats a bit new to me (time signatures). Seem to have an ordinary 4/4 for most part of the song but one part at the end seem to have a “swing beat” and then maybe there’s a bluesy 3/3 (?) at the end of the song… Well, thanks to both of you/your replies!

I guess there’s 3 Tools in Cubase I have to work with and learn better: Tempo map, Time signatures and Warp tool (to get these songs right). It’s hard but hopefully doable. :slight_smile: