Any hope in sight for Rewire fixes?

Just wondering if there is any knowledge or comment that can be updated for Rewire.

For example using Ableton 9.1 and Rewire constantly crashes my Cubase 7 32 bit and Ableton 9.1 32 bit.

Who’s fault is it really?

Is it a Ableton bug or is it a Steinberg bug?

So far, my best work around has been

  1. Open Cubase and start a empty project
  2. Open Live
  3. Enable Ableton Rewire
  4. Close empty Cubase project and open existing Cubase project

This is a example of what I have to do every time to use Ableon 9.1 as 32 bit Slave with Cubase 7.06

Are you using a 64 bit OS?

They also need to fix the rewire implementation for Reason. Only 1 stereo input from Reason is outrageous. Why the hell would we want 1 stereo and a bunch of mono inputs!?

There’s no issue with Reason Rewire implementation at all! You just aren’t using it correctly and/or don’t understand how it works…

Actually it doesn’t work that well, and if you have to create extra busses for stereo tracks that just mean extra routing that is unnecessary IMO.

Am I missing something?

Am I supposed to create 2 mono tracks and then route them to a group track, panned hard left/right?

If that’s how it’s supposed to be done, then f**k that. I remember it wasn’t always like this. IIRC in C5 you had multiple stereo inputs, not just one. What happened?