Any idea about why this measure is squished?

Any idea why Dorico might be squishing measure 28? There are no systems locks, signposts, or overrides on this page, so I can’t figure why this is happening or how to fix it. Even if I force the measure after it onto the next system it still remains that small. Any settings that might have gotten ticked on?

Did you erase all the rests inside it?

Hard to say for sure without the project file itself, or at least a screenshot from Engrave mode that includes the system fullness indicator at the right end of the system.

Although one quick diagnostic is to select Note Spacing in the Engrave toolbox, and check for red handles – if there is a red handle at either end of this bar, select those handles and press Delete to reset them.

Everything seems like it’s fine. The rest still exists too

Can you upload the project, please.


But your second image doesn’t show the problem measure.

Pleased send a version of the Dorico project, as Daniel M says, that illustrates the problem.

Yes it does - bar 28 (agree we’d need the file to diagnose)

So it does: my mistake.

Have you changed the note spacing settings at all? (Globally or with a note spacing change)

are you sure that the measure really contains 4 beats?
I’ve had some frustrating moments with added measures not having the correct quantity of beats.
try adding random notes to that measure and tell us what happens.

A faster way to determine this is to activate the system track (alt-t), set the rhythmic grid on quarter or eighth notes, select something in the bar and press alt. The system track will then display the different occurences of the rhythmic grid, which makes it easy to check for the number of beats. Quite longer to explain than to do it! :rofl: