Any idea where the extra rests came from?

Hi - I was able to use Edit → Remove Rests to clean it up but I’m just curious why did it add these rests? I’m sure it was user error as this was my first time setting multiple voices. Or was this expected behavior?



There is a very logical reason; that I can promise you. We cannot tell you what it is, however, from this very tiny screenshot which leaves out all the context of what comes right before and after this bar.

You might try View → Note and Rest Colors → Voice Colors to see if you have a third voice.

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Yes, it is most likely to be an extra voice.

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@Romanos - I absolutely agree with you and this is why I ask so I can keep learning and figuring out. :slight_smile:

@rubberfingers - very cool! Didn’t know of that handy feature.

@DanielMuzMurray - It shows them as same voice as the other notes. Not sure what I did here… :rofl:

Should I just select them all and then remove rests? Seemed to work.

A few references from the manual so you understand what is happening :slight_smile:

Can you upload the project?

Also, I think you’ll find that the rests are not quite the same blue as the notes. Am I wrong? Anyone?

Edit: another way you can check for which voices are present is to close the project, reopen, activate note input in a stave, and cycle through the existing voices (press V)… you will soon see if there’s an intruder! It’s a stupid way to do it, I admit, but oh well.

You are correct.

Thanks for the help, All. I think it was from copy/pasting and inputting in wrong voice unknowingly. I read up and watched some videos on voices and with all of your help I have a much better understanding.

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Also, you can select a note (or rest) and see the voice in the status bar…