Any idea why I'm unable to select a FlexPhraser variant?

While watching dozens of videos I see people continuously click on the Phrase to bring up the long list of options, however when I click there’s nothing. I don’t mean nothing in the list, I don’t even get a list. I’ve clicked along the entire bar where it says Alternate 1 and there’s no response whatsoever.

My initial thought was/is I need to activate it somewhere but the FlexPhraser works a charm, I’m just unable to change it.


Almost sounds like something wasn’t installed properly - did you try to reinstall Halion maybe?

I did consider doing that and will give it a shot.

I wonder if this is because I don’t have any of the included content installed. I don’t see why but I’d rather not install 30GB of stuff I have no interest in.

That would explain it, since FlexPhraser patterns are content. :smiley:

Ah ok, thanks.

So I need to install 30GB of content for a couple arp patterns :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I think I’m fine as is in that case (well until the new PC arrives anyway).

Woohoo! FIxed it.

Apparently I didn’t install the resources component initially :man_shrugging:

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