Any ideas when everything will be migrated out of the e-licenser

On the end of october 2023 I have still these products, bought or free, depending on elicenser :

  • Cello 1 (Imagesounds),
  • Dubstep - VST Sound Loop Set,
  • Urban - VST Sound Loop Set,
  • Indie Rock - VST Sound Loop Set,
  • Basic FX Suite Rev.2

Could I hope a migration before 2024 or will I still need to carry this e-licenser plugged on one USB port of my PC ?
The story is becoming a legend… :frowning:

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Check this list:

Thanks but I know this list for montsh (years?), but the products I mention are not inside.
For Cello1 (Imagesounds) I bought it on Steinberg shop , for Basix Fx suite I got it with a steinberg audio interface and the others were offered by Steinberg.
This story has been going on for too long, I would appreciate a clear statement that they will never get upgraded and that I have to stop using them and keep an elicenser for my old projects using them. :frowning:

Hi @csurieux,

good point.

And without wanting to blame or urge Steinberg in any way, I still hope that the following two loop content sets created by image sounds, named:

  • Soulful Pop Vocals 01
  • Urban Pop Vocals 01

…will still be migrated to Steinberg Licensing, in the foreseeable future.

Not only are they excellent products, but also really helpful at times. Perhaps there’s some partner licensing problem in addition, as image sounds currently (Oct. 24, 2023) only offer “Soulful Pop Vocals 1” on their website, but not “Urban Pop Vocals 1” as a single product, yet the latter is part of their " Sixpack (Bundle) 1".

Whereas Steinberg’s free (and abandoned) older entry level sequencer Sequel 3 and its 10 main *.vstsound file containers , as well as quite a bit of additional retail content for it, most probably will never be migrated to Steinberg Licensing (please correct me, if I’m wrong about that).


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